APULIA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES We build and restore to perfection

Construction and restoration according to tradition of dry stone walls, trulli and old "masserie" (farms)

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Our professional services

Construction and renovation of various types of housing in typical Apulian architectural style
Dry stone walls, trulli, old "masserie" (farms)

The assurance of a perfectly delivered job, taking into account traditional techniques of the master builders of Salento and the Valle d'Itria and the professionalism of our employees, are the strenghts of Apulia Construction Services and makes us the leading construction company for construction and renovation works of houses, old buildings, "masserie" (farms) and for all buildings in general with the typical Apulian architecture and building techniques.

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  1. 1.Enquiry about the implementation possibilities of the construction or renovation project and possible problem solutions
  2. 2.Preparation and design with the assistance of an architect and the choice of materials to be used
  3. 3.Assistance and support with administrative and technical procedures
  4. 4.Customer advice for completion and material selection



Guaranteed and certified renovation : 100% solid!

We make your dream home come true.
We offer full guarantee on the works carried out and we provide certificates of conformity where necessary.

email: info@apuliaconstructionservices.com

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