The origin is important

Restoration and construction of dry stone walls, trulli and old "masserie" (farms)
according to the tradition of Apulian masons.


Restoration and construction of dry stone walls, trulli and old Apulian "masserie" (farms)

In the dialect of Salento they are called "parite de petra", while in Italian it means dry stone walls, but please note that it isn't an ordinary wall. The "parite de petra" is a wall built of natural stones with irregular shapes that couldn't stand alone, but create a solid wall when put next to each other. These walls characterize the Apulian landscape and in particular those of Salento and the Valle d'Itria. The same stones ranged according to a certain technique that dates back to ancient times, have created the famous "furnieddhri".  These are better known as the characteristic trulli, which at the time were shelters for the farmers during bad weather when they were working in the fields.

The sector, in which we are a leading company, is the restoration and construction of the famous dry stone walls that are mainly present in Apulia and especially in Salento.

The assurance of well-executed work, using the traditional techniques of the master builders of Salento and the Valle d'Itria and the professionalism of our employees, are the strenghts of Apulia Construction Services, the right company for renovation of houses and old buildings, "masserie" (farms) and buildings in general that are characteristic of the Apulia region.

Our particular services are :

  • Renovation of dry stone walls, trulli, "masserie" (farms) and lamias
  • Complete renovation of rural cottages
  • Construction of dry stone walls or tufa walls
  • Finishing works, both indoors and outdoors, with different types of stone
  • Replacement of the cone of the trullo
  • Delivery and laying of natural stone floors or materials with antique finishing
  • Construction of stone buildings
  • Construction of stairs, columns and architectural elements of stone
  • Restoration of star and barrel vaults
  • Fireplaces, ovens and barbeques made of stone

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