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Home automation : how to make your house smart

Home automation is the science that focuses on the development of technologies to improve life at home or in your company. It's focused on the automation of all common and repeated daily tasks.

This technology is also focused on energy saving and safer and more efficient use of the plants. When starting a project with home automation, it's important to evaluate all aspects related to it
In this way every element of the living or working environment can be controlled, programmed and managed, interacting with the electricity plant, the connections and air conditioning and is able to manage the priorities in total autonomy.

Example: we leave the house and activate the alarm system, we can automatically programm that all the lights or only few of them are switched off, the shutters are closed, the heating is switched off, audio and video equipment is switched off and so on. All this according to our personal needs.

We can also programm the switching on and off of household appliances or we could let the temperature of our house be reported through sms and then adjust it as one pleases without having to be at home.

The home automation system is a guarantee for convenience, time saving, safety and energy saving.

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