Guaranteed and certified renovation : 100% solid!

We make your dream home come true.
We offer full guarantee on the works carried out and we provide certificates of conformity where necessary.

"Turnkey renovation"

It's the solution that allows you to think about your ideal home and have it carried out according to your needs, we think of everything.

We build your dream house.
Every renovation projects presents different problems and solutions, we guarantee that everyone's personal wishes are met with regard to personal taste and needs.

What happens when our customer chooses the turnkey solution

  1. 1.We discuss your request and afterwards we offer you a customized solution
  2. 2.Preparation and design with the assistance of an architect and the choice of materials to be used
  3. 3.Assistance and support with bureaucratic, administrative and technical procedures
  4. 4.Customer advice for completion and material selection
  5. 5.The assurance of a perfectly delivered job and the professionalism of our employees is one of our strenghts
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  • Administrative procedures : We think of everything

    For a renovation project, especially when it is decided to change the structure of the building, for example by changing the wall layout or the demolition of it, the possibility of this work must be verified and the administrative and technical renovation requests must be submitted to the appropriate local authorities. To prevent you from wasting your time searching for documents, preparing certifications, etc., we offer the services of an expert who will arrange all technical aspects regarding the project and will check the safety regulations during the renovation. This expert will also follow the bureaucratic, technical and legal procedures on your behalf. We will take care of the planning of the renovation project, the administrative procedures, the supervising during the renovation works and the adjustment in the land register.

  • Design : every component of the renovation will be budgeted and accurately described

    The design is the first important step for a successfull renovation. This is the result of experience, professionalism, continuous updating and attention to detail that our architects and project developers have. Before the start of the renovation, our team of architects and project developers will prepare, with the utmost care, the feasible projects of the various systems as well as any structural changes. Everything is budgeted and accompanied by a report detailing each step of the renovation.

  • Supervision during the renovation : only skilled labour

    The project manager is the person who will take the task of monitoring the progress and quality of the renovation and to check the fulfilment of the project, as presented to the local authorities, and its execution. During the renovation we look after your interests due to regular monitoring the progress of the project and constant consultating between the project manager and the team leader. The presence of a project manager, who's got years of experience, guarantees maximum control over the time schedule, the costs and the quality of the works to be performed.

  • Interior design : we build the house as you please

    Your wishes are important to us, fulfilling them is our job. Our interior designers will create the right harmony in your home with inspired and careful choises. The design of a house is the reflection of the person who lives in it : the colors, the floors, the textures and the furniture really make the difference when you want to give character and beauty to your house. We'll listen to your needs and we'll take inspiration from your personal taste, we'll advise and assist you in choosing the finishing, taking into account the practical and functional needs of a house.

  • You only have to deal with us : no stress and maximum control over the works

    One of our architects will follow you during the renovation : from the moment of the very first inspection until the end of the works and the handover of the keys. The architect will provide metric and photographic reports of the house, will follow the development of the project and the estimate of costs of the renovation. He'll advise you on the choice and purchase of materials, will maintain contact on your behalf with suppliers and employees, will check that the works will be carried out correctly and the time schedule will be respected. In this way you prevent yourself having to coordinate all persons involved in the renovation.

  • Maximum professionalism : Certifications and high-level expertise

    The employees are selected with the utmost care and attention by our technical department in order to guarantee optimal professionalism in the execution of the works. The masons, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, metal workers, carpenters and all craftsmen have been working with us for quite some time and they regularly follow professional courses. This is a guarantee for quality, professionalism and expertise.

  • A team leader at your service : for the entire duration of the renovation

    Every client has a team leader at his disposal, his job is to personally supervise the works during the entire renovation procedure. The team leader has contact with the architect who has made the renovation project and keeps the architect informed concerning the progress. He also coordinates the time schedule of the works and the intervention of the various professionals. In addition, he gives specific instructions to the employees how to proceed from a technical-operational point of view. All this guarantees the time schedule to be respected and the quality of the works.

  • Guaranteed and certified renovation : 100% solid!

    We offer full guarantee on the works carried out and we provide certificates of conformity where necessary.

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